Global network for better treatments
Partnerships are of central importance for OrphaCare and all companies in the AOP Orphan Healthcare Group. They make it possible for the medical devices to be developed further and help to make the treatments available globally.

Together for a better tomorrow



We are convinced that global partnerships and collaboration, as well as an active and interdisciplinary network, can accelerate the innovation, development, and provision of treatments for patients with rare diseases.


We look forward to working with you!  


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We have been supplying pumps and accessories to OrphaCare since August 2018. OrphaCare has been a reliable partner right from the beginning, and we have exchanged valuable information over the years, which has helped us to improve our customer services. We make services for pumps and training courses available via OrphaCare as they know the market, the patients ,and the medical professionals very well!


We also collaborate in various projects to develop medical devices, some of which are led by OrphaCare and some by SciPharm. We see ourselves as a team and do not have a traditional supplier-customer relationship. In my opinion, this is due to OrphaCare’s philosophy, which focuses on the needs of the patients and thus goes deeper than the usual caregiver-patient relationship. This approach enables OrphaCare to identify patients’ needs and develop new solutions. As a supplier of medical devices, SciPharm also profits from this knowledge!

Michael Beckers

Managing Director | SciPharm