Founding of our subsidiary in Germany

Orphacare, a medical device specialist for rare diseases, based in Austria, founds subsidiary in Germany

OrphaCare, an innovative Austrian manufacturer of medical devices in the field of rare diseases, doesn’t just talk about personalised medicine. It puts it into practice! Direct coordination with experts in local health centres is essential in order to guarantee personal treatment support for patients – and improve their quality of life.

Since 2018, Austrian patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) have found a reliable partner for the treatment of this rare disease in OrphaCare.

Alongside developing and distributing infusion pumps for PAH, OrphaCare, as a service partner, also offers information and support for the daily use of these pumps and general treatment management in the form of specially trained employees, known as caregivers.

This provision of medical devices and personalised patient service from one source is now available to patients in Germany, just in time for German Lung Day on 25 September.

It is important for us to improve the provision of medical devices for rare diseases to PAH patients. Due to the significant increase in demand, we have already decided to expand into the German market and to also successfully implement personalised treatment and medicine in the field of PAH in Germany.

Ralf Lenhard

Co-Managing Director

What makes OrphaCare offers particularly stand out, is the fact that the medical devices are based on state-of-the-art technology and patients receive equipment and support adapted to their individual needs.

Close patient care is essential as personal support helps ensure that the medication is administered better via the infusion pump. Especially with such complex medical devices, it is vital that the patients are well trained and there is also a round-the-clock point of contact for technical questions or problems for experts and partners. 

Christoph Reinwald

Co-Managing Director (until February 2022)

In the case of PAH, the arterial blood vessels in the lungs are constricted, increasing pressure in the pulmonary circulation and putting above-average pressure on the heart. Shortness of breath and cardiovascular disorders occur. Without treatment, PAH quickly leads to fatal heart failure. The aims of targeted drug treatment are to reduce the symptoms and improve quality of life and increase the chances of survival.

OrphaCare Germany GmbH has its headquarters in Unna in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, just a few minutes from Dortmund. At least five new jobs are set to be created here by the beginning of 2022.

OrphaCare GmbH was founded in Vienna in 2018 and is part of the AOP Orphan Group. The company focuses on developing innovative, customised “out-of-the-box” concepts for patients with rare diseases and their special treatment requirements. OrphaCare particularly concentrates on organising patient support and developing the latest medical devices, while continuously placing patients at the centre of its work – in coordination with medical specialists.

OrphaCare has focused on researching and developing highly specialised, integrated treatments with infusion pumps and would like to become the leading company in Europe for medical devices that is fully devoted to these complex treatments and orphan diseases.