Christoph Reinwald Transfers to Parent Company within the AOP Health Group

After two years of being co-CEO of OrphaCare GmbH, Christoph Reinwald transferred to AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals GmbH in March of 2022, which is also part of the AOP Health Group. There he took on the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and is the responsible for Supply Chain Management, Production & Manufacturing as well as Quality Management. The company, with its head office in Vienna, is the European pioneer for integrated therapies for rare diseases and in critical care. Reinwald continues to support the management of OrphaCare GmbH for the time being.

Georg Fischer, CEO AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals GmbH: “We are pleased to have Christoph Reinwald on board for this position. His expertise will immensely contribute to leading the AOP Health Group towards a state-of-the-art future. With his many years of experience, he knows exactly what is needed in terms of efficient technologies and infrastructure and can therefore focus on the further development of the parent company."

Christoph Reinwald has a Master of Science Degree and completed the post-graduate degree “Qualified Person” at the University of Vienna. He has years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior, Reinwald was Head of Quality Assurance & Pharmacovigilance at Amomed Pharma GmbH, which was taken over by the AOP Health Group in 2020.

Christoph Reinwald

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